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Surrogacy Facebook Groups

We had the best time at the Fertility Show the other week. It was so nice to meet so many of you and give you hope that this is a viable and wonderful route to parenthood. We were in exactly the same position as you guys not so long ago with all the same fears and questions and so want to reassure you, you are not alone. We promised to send out a list of Facebook groups, so click below for your copy. It's by no means exhaustive but it's the ones we are either part of or have been recommended. When so much of what you do is on social media it's easy to forget that not everybody is on there as well. We are really open to hearing about how we could have reached you otherwise, the Fertility Show is only once a year and we know there are so many more people out there that need guidance on this whatever the decide to do after so if you have any ideas it would be great to hear. Also, if you also have any feedback about the conversations or any other resources that you'd like us to put together we would love to hear that too. Fran and Kreena xx

UK Surrogacy FB groups
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